Procurement Portal


The central Purchasing Department aims at long-term supplier relations with the objective of concluding the most beneficial contracts with the most efficient partners.

Our responsibilities include the pooling, managing and handling of all procurement activities like selection, assessment and development of suppliers.

By coordinating the purchasing activities, we ensure that products and services at the highest possible value are available at the right time and place in the defined quality and quantity.

According to our company guidelines

  • we work with our suppliers in a responsible, innovative and cooperative manner and promote local purchasing;
  • we make an optimum contribution to the value added to our group of companies;
  • we ensure unbiased competition based on the best bidder principle;
  • we aim for optimum product and service descriptions;
  • we optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of our procurement processes,
  • and we act in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

See our Annual Report or our download page in the 'Ethical Standards' section for more details.